Anahita Dargahi was born in 1987 in Tehran. She began painting at the age of seven under the instruction of the renowned painter Abbas Katouzian. Having gained accomplishment in her painting career, Dargahi has held a number of individual exhibitions while taking part actively in several group ones both in Iran and abroad. She has also designed numerous posters.

Moreover, she was the producer of the music video Parde-ye Ākhar (The Last Curtain) by Reza Kianian as well as one of Arian Keshishi’s concerts.

Anahita Dargahi is a stage and movie actress. She has learned her first lessons in acting from Farzad Motamen who gave her a part in his movie Ākharin bār key Sahar rā didi? (When Did You Meet Sahar Last?) in 2015.

Dargahi continued her academic education in art and did a B.A. in graphics as well as an M.A. in painting from Tehran University of Art.


Dargahi has held three individual exhibitions of her works at the Niavaran Palace Complex, Seyhoun Gallery and Farmanieh Galleries, all in Tehran. She has also taken part in three group exhibitions at the Museum of Fine Arts of the Sa’dabad Palace Complex, Kamal-ol-Molk Gallery, and Jam Art Gallery in Dubai. Her latest painting exhibition called “Fasl-e man kojāst?” (“Where Is My Season?”) was held at Ariana Gallery.


Dargahi’s acting debut was the detective movie Ākharin bār key Sahar rā didi? (When Did You Met Sahar Last?), directed by Farzad Motamen in 2015. Nominated in five categories at the Fajr International Film Festival, the movie brought her to the limelight.

Dargahi went on to star in such movies as Zard (Yellow, directed by Mostafa Taghizadeh, 2016), Dāstan-e Siāvash (The Story of Siavash, by Amir Eskandari, 2017), Ghānun-e Morfi (Murphy’s Law, by Rambod Javan, 2018), Cheshm-o-goush-basteh (The Naïve One, by Farzad Motamen, 2018), Sudabeh (by Mohammad Ali Sadjadi, 2018), Derakht-e Banafsh (The Purple Tree, by Amin Aslani, 2019), Nilgoun (Azure, by Hosein Soheilizadeh, 2019).

She also starred in the TV series Mamnoueh (The Forbidden, by Amir Purkian, 2017) as “Talā Davallou”.

Dargahi took roles in a number of plays including Dar entezār-e Ādolf (Waiting for Adolf, by Alireza Koushk Jalali, 2017), Se khāhar (The Three Sisters, by Mohammad-Hasan Ma’jouni, 2017), Dah sāl tanhāyi (Ten Years of Solitude, by Ashkan Khatibi, 2018), Ghahtizadegān (The Famine-stricken, by Ashkan Khatibi, 2019), When the Rooster Sings out of Tune (By Ali Shams, 2019), Mr Puntila (Micheal Sharestani, 2015),