• Hedgehog (Joojetighi)(Alireza Amini , 2020)
    • Fourth round(Alireza Amini , 2019)
    • Yellow Cake ( Ali Shah hatami , 2019 )
    • Sinamā shahr-e ghesseh (Keyvan Alimohammadi and Ali-Akbar Heydari, 2019)
    • Nilgoun (Hosein Soheilizadeh, 2019)
    • Derkht-e banafsh(Amin Aslani, 2019)
    • Soudābeh (Mohammad Ali Sadjadi, 2018)
    • Cheshm-o-goush-basteh(Farzad Motamen, 2018)
    • Ghānoun-e morfi (Rambod Javan, 2018)
    • Hamdigar(short film)  (Ali Zarnegar, 2017)
    • Dāstān-e Siāvash (Amir Eskandari, 2017)
    • Zard (Mostafa Taghizadeh, 2016)
    • Ākharin bār key Sahar rā didi? (Farzad Motamen, 2015)

“Hedgehog” tells the humorous life story of a fanatical young man that a strange proposal affects his past and future life …

This film is directed and produced by Mastaneh Mohajer.


A young boxer has financial difficulties to marry the girl he loves. To solve this problem, he decided to take part in sports betting and give a boxing match, but in the meantime, his beloved partner is against this matter, which is how the story unfolds.

The fourth round is a film directed and written by Alireza Amini and produced by Morteza Shayesteh, in 2019.


“Yellow Cake” is a movie directed by Ali Shah Hatami, produced by Jalil Shabani and written by Mostafa Zandi.

yellow cake

Davoud: Cinema is not what you think.

Cinema Shahr Ghesse is a film co-written and directed by Keyvan Ali Mohammadi and Ali Akbar Heidari and produced by Keyvan Ali Mohammadi and Mohammad Reza Mesbah, in 2018.

This film participated in the Simorgh Soda section of the 38th Fajr Film Festival.

This film is a love story about the life of a young girl and boy who are faced with various family and social issues and …

Mehrdad marries Soodabeh, his friend Siamak’s sister, and takes her to their old house to be with his mother, but…
Soodabeh is a melodrama-social film written, produced and directed by (Mohammad Ali Sajjadi), which was produced in 1397.

A man is killed by a female criminal, but two strangers are arrested for murder. One heard the shot but did not see the murder scene because he was blind. The other one only saw the murder scene and did not hear the shooting because he is deaf. They have only one day to survive this catastrophe.

Cheshm-o-goush-basteh (Blindfolded) is a film directed by Farzad Motaman, written by Homa Bazrafshan and produced by Amir Hossein Ashtiani-Pour, produced in 2018.

For some reason, Farrokh (Amir Jadidi) is fired from the police department and has to deal with problems such as his sister’s dowry and his wife’s dowry. Meanwhile, the daughter of his friend Bahman (Amir Jafari), who was previously his colleague and a rich man, is kidnapped …

Murphy’s Law is a comedy and action film directed by Rambod Javan and produced by Mohammad Shayesteh, which was released on January 3, 2017.

This film depicts the story of a couple’s life on the border between reality and fantasy.

Nahal and her husband, Hamed, are members of a young scientific group invited to Italy due to their important invention.

In the last days before the trip, Hamed’s illness culminates due to an accident, and some incidents cause the group’s trip to become a crisis.

Zard is a film directed and written by Mostafa Taghizadeh and produced by Kamran Majidi in 2016.

Ākharin bār key Sahar rā didi? (When Did You See Sahar Last Time?)

A mother rushes to the police station and tells the guard officer that her young daughter, Sahar, has not returned home last night.

Sahar is an ambitious and divorced girl who has been exposed to inappropriate gossips in the neighborhood due to her type of clothing, make-up and communication. The story of the film is about finding a trace of Sahar.

This series tells the story of three generations simultaneously. From the worries of today’s youth to the damage of family and social issues.

After a full-blown war in the garden,
Pejman and Sam are abducted by Shakib Shajreh and put on a train on the Checheneh route.