Anahita Dargahi has held three individual exhibitions of her works at the Niavaran Palace Complex, Seyhoun Gallery and Farmanieh Galleries, all in Tehran. She has also taken part in three group exhibitions at the Museum of Fine Arts of the Sa’dabad Palace Complex, Kamal-ol-Molk Gallery, and Jam Art Gallery in Dubai. Her latest painting exhibition called “Fasl-e man kojāst?” (“Where Is My Season?”) was held at Ariana Gallery.

The following statement is her opinion about  “Fasle man kojast?” :

“The world around us is full of differences.  With seasons that are sometimes passionate and colorful and sometimes cold and gray. A world suspended between life and death, violence and delicacy, excitement and silence that one by one fit into the seasons of our imagination. This collection is an attempt to bring to life the inner and sometimes inexpressible conditions of contemporary human – regardless of gender and orientation on the canvas. The hidden half of that,  in the face of norms, always seeks to discover its own reality and find a way to manifest and survive.”

Anahita Dargahi

Dargahi, who was one of the students of Abbas Katozian, praises Iran, her motherland, from four perspectives in her latest collection. The largest part is dedicated to the honor of women in her country and she had combined their figures with Iranian masterpiece like Persepolis, etc. Cultural heritage and the world of media are the other two parts of her work, but the fourth group of her paintings that received the most attention are the paintings of Mossadegh, Forough Farrokhzad and especially Ali Parvin, who are examples of great politicians, artists and athletes in Iran.