“The Last Curtain” is a rendition of Frank Sinatra’s “My Way”.

The music video for “The Last Curtain” starring Reza Kianian and the voice of Ashkan Khatibi, both famous Iranian actors, was produced by Anahita Dargahi, which was well received by the fans.


The Fusion Concert has been staged with the presence of prominent musicians such as Arian Keshishi, who is the band leader and bassist in this concert. Anahita Dargahi was the producer of this concert.

Anahita Dargahi, while being happy to hold such a concert, said: “I undertook the preparation of this concert to support the music that is less heard. I enjoy music and I would like to start producing a concert with the one that I enjoy. The financial benefit of this concert was the least important to me, and the goal was just to change people’s tastes so that they could hear good music. We must support talented young people like Arian Kishishi, so that they can show their talent. The more this music reaches people, the more it creates a wave of support for specialized music. Last night’s applause from the listeners was a positive energy that keeps me going. I hope other people will support this music so that we can see more such performances in Iran.